Every consumer that interacts digitally with your brand expects an easy and enjoyable experience. But if they were given the opportunity to peak behind the curtain of any modern application, they’d find a stunning array of complexity. As businesses with a digital presence, it’s our job to manage that complexity so users can continue to have the experience they’ve come to expect. But what happens when that experience turns bad?

The Dark Side of Digital

We can turn to the kings of digital for some estimates. When Amazon had a 30-minute outage, it was estimated that it cost the business $66,240 per minute of downtime. Google’s 5-minute outage was estimated to cost $545,000.

But this doesn’t factor in the cost of the potential damage done to their brands from providing a poor app experience. Google and Amazon are big enough to weather the storm, but not every organization has that kind of brand loyalty or recognition. So how do you prevent app issues from tarnishing your brand?

Shed Light on Digital Experience

Digital business succeeds or fails based on the experience they’re providing to customers, so managing the complexity of modern apps while providing your customers with an enjoyable experience is paramount for every organization. When you combine a mix of mobile and Web applications, containers and microservices in distributed environments, app complexity is no longer manageable without the assistance of modern monitoring and app analytics tools.

To truly understand your customers’ experience and know when an issue occurs so you can fix before it affects your users, you should look for the following capabilities as part of your monitoring and analytics solution:

  • Real-time insights into user behavior that allow you to “step into the shoes” of your customers
  • Analytics and visualizations centered on improving app design and flow
  • Error and crash analytics with code-level visibility
  • Advanced app performance insights and alerting from mobile to backend systems including mainframe and cloud

These capabilities combined in a single solution will allow your teams to design your app for a better customer experience, improve mobile and Web app performance, and resolve issues before the impact your customers, ensuring that your providing your users with a 5-star app experience for every interaction.

To learn more about how modern monitoring solutions can help, join the upcoming webinar on 12/14: Developing an Insights-Driven Approach for Exceptional Digital Experiences and the follow-up live demo: CA Digital Experience Insights: How to Build a World-Class Digital Experience on 12/15.


Derek Stevens is Principal Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies

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