How AIOps Can Help You Quickly and Efficiently Deliver Superior User Experiences

Digital experience is the new competitive battleground: get the insights you need to win.

In an increasingly digital world, IT Operations Management teams play a  critical role in delivering top notch digital experiences to users – whether it be  to internal or external users such as customers and partners. The Modern Software Factory neatly summarizes how teams collaborate to design, develop, test, deliver, secure and improve apps. From concept to product and beyond, the Modern Software Factory provides a blueprint for success through agility, security, automation and insights. And when you are differentiating your business on digital experiences – insights are especially important. Insights into performance. Insights into availability. Insights into usage and much more.

Insight Challenges Exist

But there can be challenges to getting these insights. What may seem like a simple app may be comprised of a complex array of APIs, or microservices running on cloud and on-premises infrastructure, which can be highly containerized and virtualized including both servers and networks. How do you know when your API endpoints are down or slow? How do you keep up with all the metrics you monitor without getting alert fatigue on ? With increased SDN adoption, how do you wipe out blind spots in virtualized network functions?

Point tools are not the answer. I recently wrote about avoiding the one trick pony in the context of full stack monitoring. These tools can produce blind spots – even if you try to have a point tool for every specific element in the digital delivery chain. With point tools you may also have the problem of data silos with missing context and limits to collaboration to solve problems (app monitoring separate from infrastructure monitoring, etc.).

Your Opportunity

What if you could get a unified view of digital experiences via a common data-collection platform across all the elements of your digital delivery chain: usersappsinfrastructureand network? Then, what if built-in analytics and machine learning could be applied to that data to monitor and measure user experience, while providing operational intelligence? And what if this was a fully modern solution for the digital-centric world that provided monitoring for APIsmicroservicesDocker and containerscloud, and SDN & SD-WAN? That would be great. We call it monitoring redefined.

Proactive, Intelligent, AIOps-Driven Insights

Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to get holistic, delivering insights across domains to drive phenomenal customer experiences while reducing operational complexity.

Reap the Benefits

This level of proactive, intelligent and integrated AIOps solution helps you get continuous insights into your digital delivery chain. With AIOps-driven insights you can:

  • Deliver superior user experiences by gaining proactive insights and automating root cause analysis with drill downs into specific domains
  • Speed innovation by improving software quality through DevOps integration, get role and service-centric views that allow you to quickly see just what you need to see and align to the business with performance-driven KPIs
  • Increase IT efficiency by accelerating the configuration and instrumentation of monitoring for modern architectures, utilizing resources better via analytics-driven planning and automation and shift priorities from fire-fighting to IT innovation with autonomous remediation

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