Network Monitoring Tools to Rule the Digital World

oday’s network assured by modern network monitoring tools are more important than ever before to protect your brand and the digital experience.

Digital, social and mobile technologies have become so ubiquitous in our lives that we take their availability and quality for granted. We expect portals, apps and cloud services to respond immediately. We are completely spoiled and it’s not just our expectations that are increasing; demand is too. For example, global networks now deliver four million Google searches every minute and over 200 billion emails and 40 million tweets every day. The network assured with advanced network monitoring tools are more important than ever before to deliver your brand and the digital experience.

Operational overload      

Organizations are finding it harder to meet user demand and expectations as modern network infrastructures grow in volume and variety. Root causes are tougher to find. Architecture changes are problematic to track. User experiences are difficult to correlate.

Modern networking architectures like SD-WAN and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) are a driving force in today’s data centers. With the recent Cisco SD-WAN announcement, it is more imperative today then every before that network teams adopt a comprehensive and unified approach to monitoring traditional and modern network architectures.

Why modern network monitoring tools for SD-WAN?

  • Expansion of Cloud based applications and infrastructures coupled with non-guaranteed connectivity requires visibility and assurance across the WAN to ensure end-user experience of critical applications
  • Software Defined Overlays add additional complexity which requires understanding and correlation of the Control and Data plane infrastructure
  • SD-WAN introduces intelligence which needs to be validated and refined as the maturity of the technology and your deployment increases
  • Rollout of SD-WAN requires the ability to plan and model capacity needs across disparate providers and technology

CA’s Network Operations Analytics solution is a unified, full-stack network monitoring tool for assuring traditional WAN and SD-WAN environments and provides:

  • SDN relationship mapping that enables easy VNF management
  • Validation of traffic decisions made by SD-WAN intelligence
  • Easy troubleshooting workflows to assure SD-WAN health
  • Unified monitoring of SD-WAN and traditional WAN
network monitoring tools

Figure 1: Utilize CA’ Network Operations Analytics SD-WAN dashboards to quickly view the health of your tunnels, application/SLA paths, edge routers and aggregated packet loss, latency, and jitter metrics.

Why modern network monitoring tools for Cisco ACI?

  • There will be more devices and interfaces on the network than ever before; using up data center resources.
  • Thus, monitoring scale is required by SDN along with easy operational troubleshooting workflows and triage scenarios.
  • More devices mean more noise on the network. Cisco ACI has 23,000 events defined in it with hundreds of unique messages and alarms.

CA’s Network Operations Analytics solution makes Cisco ACI monitoring easy, scalable, and manageable for the NOC and enables the following:

  • Operationalize SDN– the NOC needs out-of-the-box (OOTB) standard operations workflows with less clicks to troubleshooting and triaging complex SDN environments like Cisco ACI.
  • Relationship triage– ACI introduces new inventories and new topologies that need to be auto-discovered, understood and visualized to be managed effectively.
  • Monitor multiple data sources like flow packet, SNMP, performance, REST, non-snmp, etc, because there are many languages being spoken in today’s data center based on a variety of vendor technologies.
  • Correlate network impact to applications and critical business services via high speed and high scale packet analysis. Cisco ACI makes it difficult to access packet data and the large amount of traffic generated by this technology demands advanced monitoring scalability.
  • Correlate ACI events, reducing the noise and dumping none-critical alarms to allow the NOC to focus on the real pain point of any outage for faster triage.
  • Deliver a single operations experience with easy OOTB dashboards for NOC personnel to correlate network health with faults and events for modern technologies like ACI, SD-WAN, vCPE to traditional SNMP performance, flow and traffic analysis and TCP/Application transport analysis…in one unified platform.
network monitoring tools

Figure 2: CA’s Network Operations Analytics ACI relationship mapping with performance alerts for easy triage and service deployment validation.

CA Technologies has been providing modern network monitoring tools for several decades and has continuously advanced their monitoring platform and analytics to meet the evolution of networking innovations and technologies. We continue to provide advanced capabilities to deploy and monitor new technologies while delivering the network visibility needed to ensure optimal performance, availability and the digital experience.

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