5 Ways AIOps Enables a Successful Black Friday

Key use cases to help you keep (lots) of customers happy during your biggest events

It’s been said that as much as 50% of Black Friday sales will happen online. With the importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to your bottom line, it’s paramount that IT Ops teams keep things running smoothly and efficiently. You don’t want to let what should be your best day become your worst day through slow performance or system outages. Abandoned carts mean lost business and can negatively impact customer loyalty. The big question is: how do you make sure that you’ll be giving thanks and not working overtime during this holiday season?

AIOps Can Help

AIOps is the use of advanced machine learning algorithms and AI techniques to analyze and act on big data from various IT and business operations tools. It helps you deliver great-performing services faster, increase the efficiency of your operations while helping you deliver a superior user experience. Said more plainly, it helps you identify and correct problems – often automatically. Let’s take a closer look at how AIOps can help make your peak season a good one.

  • Find the causes of problems fast – While it’s good to be alerted when a problem occurs, you’ll want to get to the root cause as quickly as possible. AIOps helps you understand the reason behind a poor user experience and give you the context of the problem so you can remedy the problem appropriately, minimizing user impact.
  • Predict problems earlier – AIOps can give you smarter alerting that detects anomalies by sifting through data across various monitoring tools and applying algorithms that predict emerging problems when events are out of the norm, helping you avoid problems before they impact your customers.
  • Identify the alerts that matter – Alert storms are a common occurrence, especially in today’s highly virtualized and containerized environments. AIOps helps reduce the noise often presented through redundant alerts. It automatically ties related alerts together, so you don’t have to wade through the duplicates, helping you focus on what needs to be fixed.
  • Find bottlenecks before they occur – Sometimes there’s a bug in the code and sometimes a system or component is down. But many performance issues are simply a result of running out of gas (i.e. capacity issues). With AIOps you can predictively identify capacity-related bottlenecks, so you can make adjustments before their impact is felt.
  • Resolve problems automatically – AIOps looks across all your monitoring domains from user, to app, to infrastructure and network. It develops intelligent insights and uses them to inform the automation of actions, effectively helping problems fix themselves.

AIOps is emerging as a key enabler to help IT Ops teams work smart and faster. CA’s AIOps Platform, Digital Experience Insights provides insight-rich, correlated monitoring and analytics with AI and machine learning across users, apps, infrastructure and networks to improve user experience.

I hope you can see now how AIOps can help you achieve success during your peak season, whatever it may be. Check out how AIOps is helping other leading organizations and here’s to a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday!