Launching AIOps from Broadcom®: It’s All About the Digital Experience

Delivering innovative, reliable, and responsive digital experiences is a vital competitive imperative for today’s businesses. However, while the need to optimize the digital experience continues to get more critical, it also continues to get more difficult. Read on to learn more about the launch of AIOps from Broadcom® our new artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) solution, which enables teams to optimize digital interactions in today’s modern environments.

AIOps Unveiled: Digital Experience the Focus

CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, has an extensive track record of delivering solutions that help our customers provide winning digital experiences, and we continue to focus our innovation in this area. Our launch of AIOps from Broadcom is just the most recent example of how our digital experience focus is yielding advanced solutions.

Our AIOps solution is a leading platform that enables organizations to optimize digital experiences, while contending with environments that are increasingly dynamic, hybrid, and distributed in nature. Our AIOps solution represents a single, unified platform that features AIOps and intelligent automation capabilities. By providing these advanced, extensive capabilities in a unified platform, we enable our customers to more quickly, efficiently, and fully capitalize on the promise of AIOps.

AIOps from Broadcom® delivers all the capabilities IT teams need, addressing the “four A’s” of AIOps:

  • Acquire. AIOps from Broadcom integrates digital experience, application performance, infrastructure and network monitoring services to deliver new levels of visibility across your entire digital delivery chain. Our AIOps solution monitors your entire stack with a single solution, minimizing wars rooms and finger pointing associated with tool sprawl. Only our AIOps solution cross correlates every component of your full stack, from the application, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of your users allowing you to see how everything in your stack is connected.
  • Aggregate. AIOps from Broadcom equips customers with the broadest monitoring coverage of modern ecosystems. The solution offers support for data from third-party sources ranging from mainframes to cloud environments, and for metric, alarm, log, topology, text, and API data. Our AIOps solution can aggregate and normalize a wide range of data sources and data types into a single, resilient data lake.
  • Analyze. AIOps from Broadcom employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide predictive analytics and insights. The solution correlates and ultimately maps data to what matters most: the services that power the business, which is vital in giving staff the context for most intelligently prioritizing their troubleshooting and remediation efforts.  
  • Act. AIOps from Broadcom offers comprehensive, intelligent automation capabilities. The platform enables automated root cause analysis and closed loop remediation. With the platform, configuration issues can be detected proactively—before they have an impact on users—and remediated automatically via our industry-leading Automic One Automation Platform. The solution can automate everything from opening tickets to remediation and closing tickets.

By leveraging our AIOps solution, IT teams can gain the unified visibility, analysis, and automation that enable them to establish visibility and control over their increasingly dynamic, complex environments. Further, they can institute the unified capabilities that enable them to move from monitoring infrastructures to establishing true observability. Ultimately, the solution enables organizations to be far better equipped to deliver more innovative, always-optimized digital experiences to customers and users.

Optimized Digital Experiences: Never More Critical, or More Elusive

For today’s enterprises, the delivery of quality digital experiences is emerging as an increasingly vital imperative, and an increasingly influential determinant of business success. The reality is that downtime and poor performance can cost a business dearly, and in trying to meet the exacting expectations of today’s digital consumers, slow represents the new down.

Ultimately, as the digital experience continues to be increasingly intertwined with business results, IT operations teams need to shift their focus from IT outcomes to business outcomes. While tracking infrastructure performance and availability remains necessary, now the focus must be on understanding service levels. While finding out when a server is down is still important, what really matters is whether the experience being delivered to the e-commerce customer is an optimized one.

However, while optimizing digital experiences gets more critical every day, it also seems to get increasingly difficult every day. For example, one surveyfound that teams in 95% of organizations are challenged with effectively tracking the user experience across devices.

Typically consisting of multiple cloud environments, legacy platforms, microservices, containers, and more, today’s environments present IT operations teams with massive complexity. These teams are contending with explosive growth in the volume, variety, and velocity of operational data that has to be managed and analyzed. Relying on traditional approaches and staffing levels, teams simply can’t keep pace with all this data. With manual, disjointed approaches, teams get buried in data, while lacking the insights they need to track and optimize the digital experience.

Given these challenges, many IT operations teams are looking to employ AIOps. While AIOps platforms offer a range of potential advantages, one of the most critical is their ability to help teams optimize digital experiences. In fact, one study found that optimizing digital experiences is a primary driver for AIOps investments: 93% of respondents identified improving user experience as the most important AIOps-related business outcome for their organization.

Product Rebranding: Part of the DX AIOps Platform

AIOps from Broadcom is our unified platform that is composed of supporting monitoring and analytics products, which can be used independently or in tandem. Now, all products within our AIOps solution offer unified branding. Moving forward, customers will be seeing these products preceded by DX, which indicates the vital role they play in optimizing digital experiences, including DX Application Performance Management (APM)DX Infrastructure ManagerDX NetOps Manager and more.