Why AIOps Matters for Customer Experience

By Viki Paige, Director of AIOps Solution Marketing

There’s been a proliferation of AIOps articles, reports and product news in the past few months, with no shortage of points of view, schools of thought and rules of thumb. After sifting through all the different opinions, approaches and claims, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important. No wonder the monthly Google search volume for AIOps is nearly triple what it was a year ago. In this post, we’ll attempt to sort through the noise and take a look at why AIOps really matters for today’s organizations.

One Dominant Business Driver for AIOps

When it comes to AIOps deployments, there can be a tremendous amount of variation from one organization to the next. Implementation approaches, use cases and technological environments can all vary widely. AIOps promises to improve event correlation, speed root cause analysis, establish automation, and much more.

In spite of all this diversity and variation, there’s almost unanimous agreement among our customers on one thing: the most important objective for doing AIOps in the first place. It’s all about delivering a better customer experience. In fact, 93% of our customers say that’s the number one reason they’re adopting AI and machine learning according to a recent survey we conducted. With all the possibilities and variations around AIOps, it can be easy for teams to lose sight of this most critical business outcome. 

Optimizing the Digital Experience: The Mandate and Challenges

For today’s organizations, delivering digital services that delight customers is a competitive mandate. While this objective grows increasingly critical for the business, it is becoming a daunting challenge for IT operations, particularly given the complex, dynamic and ephemeral nature of today’s IT ecosystems.

Within many organizations, the increasing reliance on cloud services, containers, microservices, and other modern technologies has led to a dramatic proliferation of operational data. Some reports indicate teams now are contending with a ten-times increase in monitoring metrics given the emergence of these technologies.

These metrics are important. However, given the interrelated, complex nature of today’s environments, the metrics traditionally tracked don’t necessarily provide a very clear picture of what really matters: how system performance is affecting the customer experience.

More metrics equates to more alarms. While following up on these alarms is vital, it is getting increasingly difficult to weed out redundant or low-level alarms and ensure the highest priority items are always spotted and immediately acted upon. Fundamentally, the explosion in the volume, variety, and velocity of data has brought teams to a point in which humans simply can’t keep pace.

The Bottom-line Benefits of Optimized Experiences

Given the customer experience imperatives, and the challenges associated with addressing them, AIOps is emerging as one of the most strategic initiatives for organizations. For IT to deliver value to the business, teams need the right service-driven metrics at the right time—and we believe that AIOps from Broadcom uniquely delivers these capabilities.

With its advanced analytics and intelligent automation, our AIOps solution provides comprehensive insights and enables proactive remediation. Your teams can now detect and address complex IT problems, including performance, capacity, and configuration issues—before they have an impact on customers or the business.

With the help of our AIOps solution, you can start delivering the optimized digital experiences that businesses and customers need, and so realize a number of significant dividends. By employing our solution, customers have realized these business benefits:

  • 69% increase in customer retention
  •  68% growth in new customers
  •  49% more profits

You can learn more about how IT and business leaders are measuring happy customers in this recent survey we conducted with Dimensional Research on Improving User Experience and the Bottom Line

Delivering optimized digital experiences is now critical for today’s businesses, and meeting this objective will only grow more vital in the weeks and months ahead. Find out how your organization can start delivering flawless, secure customer experiences that propel your business. To learn more, visit our digitalexperience.ai page.